Java 25th anniversary Learning Subscription

If you’re quick, you can still take advantage of the Free Java 25th anniversary Learning subscription and get certified for only 25$.

You can find the discount here.

Many people complained about not getting access to the student guide and the lab-files. I got involved in that discussion, and I found that the trainer discusses the labs in great extend. In fact, he does exercises for you, where he shows the student guide and copy and pastes the actual code in the editor. So, in fact, he does not write any code himself during the training. It’s all in the student guide. So, you can pause the video every time, just before he does the copy and pasting and try to create the code yourself.

That’s what I did and I shared my solutions on GitHub. So, feel free and take a look.

Now, take special notice of lab 15, belonging to the chapter about Modules. The first part you can do easily using the solution of the previous chapter. But, for the second part a pre-refactored solution is used. And that is also not given.

Now, in the video the refactored parts are shown briefly. And based on what the trainer shows, I tried to do the refactoring myself. You can find it in the labs/practice15B-refactored folder.

Take advantage of my fiddlings. I had fun in creating it.

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